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2 Proven Methods to Download Documents from


Do you know which website holds the largest repository of user-generated Documents, PDFs, PPTs and eBooks?

Yes, it’s

Scribd’s big vision is to become the Netflix of Documents, which means, in coming times, you will be able to read majority of digital documents on this website.

But since Scribd is a proprietary service, they won’t offer you their entire repository for free. At best, you can do barter, i.e. you upload a quality document to Scribd and in exchange, you can download a document from the site, Easy, right?

But, what if I tell that there are ways with which you can get unlimited access to the entire Scribd repository.

You do want to get unlimited access to, right?

If your answer to the above question was a big frickin’ Yes! Then I make a sweeping declaration: With this blog post today, I will teach how you to download unlimited number of documents from Scribd. For FREE!

You know, I sometimes feel that whatever I am doing is wrong. That somehow, by writing these technology tutorials, I am stealing money from big companies like Scribd, that are actually providing really high quality services on the web.

In some ways, it’s true! But there’s a bright side to it.

You know millions of computers in the world run pirated copy of Windows. And when Bill Gates was asked about it, he said, that: Yes, piracy hurts our revenues and we can stop it easily, but that would mean that millions of students in countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. won’t be able to access our software anymore.

Same thing’s true for you!

If you’re downloading educational documents, documents that you will use to educate yourself, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong!

“It’s easier for our software to compete when there’s piracy than when there is not.” ~ Bill Gates [Click to Tweet]

You can, and should freely use Scribd download software and Scribd download scripts.

Okay! So, the time is right. We’ll now begin materializing our desires into action. I will show 2 Ways, broken down into easily executable steps that you can use to Download Documents from

The Step by Step Procedure

Note: Each step of each process is supplemented with a screenshot. The picture will help you execute the steps with precision and accuracy. To make this web page load faster, I am providing links beside each step. Clicking on this link will take you to the screenshot.


  1. Excited Excited

    Ten thousand internet cookies and kudos to you!
    Totally worked. I feel cooler.

  2. Nic Nic

    First method didn’t work for me. I get “IO error streaming document” on google chrome.

  3. Nic Nic

    Well, apparently the document I was trying to download from scribd wasn’t actually a *.pdf but a bunch of jpg’s. Unfortunately neither flashgot nor downthemall managed to download all images at once, however all I had to do was saving the page and then looking in the folder for the jpg files. So basically right clicking anywhere on a blank part of the website and saving as did the trick for me.

  4. aguest aguest

    Thank you, very helpfull

  5. akane akane

    Yeay I can do it using the first method! But it don’t let me download it, only print options available.

  6. parimala parimala

    its not working any more…

    • heh heh

      its not working because they use ScribdViewer.swf and its not the basic PDF or txt.

  7. David Duarte David Duarte

    Thanks for this.
    The 1st method totally worked.
    You rock!
    Many thanks, i really apreciated

  8. sue sue

    the first method works to display the entire document, but when i try to save it, it only saves part of the first page. and it won’t let me select and copy any parts of the document. and it only prints the same part of the first page.

    • techniciandiarycom techniciandiarycom

      Have you tried the second method, where you print the webpage in chrome and choose pdf as the output?

  9. Hi!

    First of all, thanks for this post. This really works. I printed to pdf the file using the first method. But I’d like to know if there is a method to download document, no printing it.

    I say this becouse the quality and size per page isnt the same and doesn’t have OCR…

    Thanks anyway! Best regards 😀

    • techniciandiary techniciandiary

      No, you cannot download the resource, because that’s a feature that scribd offers to its premium members. This method is a trick and to be really honest it’s not at all ethical.

  10. Raoni Raoni

    Working as it should. Thank you very much. 🙂

    • techniciandiary techniciandiary

      I am really happy that I was able to help your download files from without uploading.

  11. Lou Lou

    Doesn’t work anymore 🙁

    Is there any other method we can use in the Future?

    thanks in advance

    • techniciandiary techniciandiary

      It works. I use it every other day.

  12. izhar izhar

    i adopted first method
    but the error is “there ia error of converting this document ”
    how could i resolve this please help me

  13. peter peter

    1rst method working, thanks a lot!!!!

  14. raunak raunak

    thank you very very much it works…… such a relief

  15. Dominic Dominic

    it works! thank you very much!

  16. Emerson Emerson

    Works perfectly! Thanks.

  17. Lol Lol

    Well, I see they still give access_key in page source even for those documents requiring subscription to download. I did not check if you actually need to login – I DID login, but I have no subscription.

    Now, we need to check if that access_key will still give access only to those pages available for free… (apparently you cannot even see all pages of some documents for free)
    I hope the SWF viewer could use that access key as the “master” key for the full document, but I still need to check that.

  18. eNo eNo

    Still working 2014-11-30 ! Thx !!

  19. Amit Amit

    Very helpul; it works perfectly.

  20. paramortem paramortem

    missing SCB files form SCB file group.

    • Janessa Janessa

      That is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

      • techniciandiarycom techniciandiarycom

        I am glad it helped you. Please share this scribd trick on Google plus.

  21. amane amane

    Thank you for your helpful tutorial =)

  22. Muhammad Haseeb Muhammad Haseeb

    Great man it helped. Wait for the document to fully load and then Print it before printing install ( )PDF CREATOR which converts printing files into pdf.

  23. Di Di

    Smooookie !
    It works ! The first metod was goooood , so I didn’t test the others . For “akane” : the “download” didn’t work for me either . But do install a small program like PrimoPDF which will create a “virtual” printer . The result is saving as a pdf file . PrimoPDF is just an exemple, there are a lot of pdf printer drivers outthere.
    Good LUCK !

  24. sam sam

    thnx…… its still working

  25. Ozzy Ozzy

    Thanks a lot bro! It worked for me with access key trick! Thank u very much!

  26. james james

    thank you so much for sharing this first method worked:)

  27. k4n0n k4n0n

    I can’t download…it’s not working.

  28. Merci beaucoup ^__^ Merci beaucoup ^__^

    I have try a lot of methods what i find in my native language, French, but nothing was working (obsolete methods) so Thank YOU so much for this tricks, the first methode has worked for my, merci encore !!

  29. zeline zeline

    The first method works for me. I use firefox. And I think you cannot download it, only print it as pdf. Thank you very much for posting this.

  30. mmm mmm

    None of the methods worked. The first one allowed showing me just the first half (300) of the entire 600 pages, though no saving options found efficient, just proposing to wait until the document is loaded. I waited over 2 hours in vain. Printing of a part of the document is impossible even by DoPDF or the like. Any advices?

    • infinitevalue infinitevalue

      This methods works well for shorter files, like 10-20 pages. Larger documents takes more time to download and the Scribd downloader times out in that time.

    • Dreama Dreama

      Oh yeah, fauulobs stuff there you!

      • techniciandiarycom techniciandiarycom

        Thanks. Please consider sharing this scribd downloader trick 2016 on Google plus.

  31. Jerry Jerry

    It’s awesome. True Geek stuff 🙂
    Document_Id and Access_key combination worked.

    Kudos and many thanks again

  32. Noor Noor

    1st method works. Thank you for step by step guide.

  33. glad glad

    YES IT WORKED ! Great thanks!

  34. Dave Dave

    great post about the scribd tricks

  35. milos milos


  36. rajadurai rajadurai

    i have an error “security error streaming document:”#2048”

    • infinitevalue infinitevalue

      Try using http:// and not https://.

  37. Abhay the overwhelmed Abhay the overwhelmed

    Buddy, u r a life-saver. It couldn’t b expressed how much help u done to me.
    Praying for your well-beingness.
    kudos bro..

    • techniciandiary techniciandiary

      I am happy I was able to help you. Would you mind sharing this post on your social networks so that they can also download files from scribd without uploading? Please do if you can. Thanks.

  38. Jossie Jossie

    Greats, it works 🙂
    Many thanks

    • techniciandiarycom techniciandiarycom

      Please consider this scribd downloader trick on google plus.

  39. Jossie Jossie

    Great, it works 🙂
    Many thanks

  40. Flerd Flerd

    It’s not working for me 🙁

    When I replace the document id and access key and enter the URL, the page never stops loading, and it gets stuck on step 7. The two circles keep rotating, showing that it’s loading, but nothing else happens. Tried it on Firefox, Chrome and now Internet Explorer. I was looking for such a comment but I guess no one else has had that problem. I even checked if the browser was blocking some plugin and it wasn’t.

    • Flerd Flerd

      Ok, so this works perfectly for downloadable documents. But what about e-books that don’t have a download option. This trick won’t work for them? Any other way to download e-books using the 14 day free online access? The books I’m looking for aren’t available anywhere else.

      • techniciandiarycom techniciandiarycom

        This Scribd download method won’t work for ebooks.

    • techniciandiarycom techniciandiarycom

      This method works for documents only.

  41. tecgnicalmonkey tecgnicalmonkey

    please give any method to download e books

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